Kamanta: who we are

Kamanta was born in 1972 in the heart of Milan. The founder Luigi Garola understood the favorable moment of the evolution of Italian fashion in the transformation phase from the world of Haute Couture to Prét-a-Porter and began a new way of interpreting the "double-face", making it current and accessible to a wider clientele.

Giovanna and her daughters

Over the years his wife Giovanna joined him in the company taking care of the collections and giving an eternal style to the Kamanta garments. In the eighties, the three sons joined them. Mario, Paola and Stefania who today continue in the spirit that has always animated the company: quality of the product and research as constant over time.

Our philosophy

It is based on ideals of sobriety, on maintaining the highest quality, from the choice of fine materials of the best producers in the world to the workmanship strictly Made in Italy. We guarantee the control of the product in every phase to satisfy a demanding clientele, refined and in harmony with the beauty that lasts over time.