Quality is the conducting "thread" that guides us in choosing every little detail. The essence of quality lies in the refinement of workmanship, in the selection of fine fabrics, in the balance between craftsmanship and industrial know-how and between the human and technological component. The Double face technique comes from expert hands. Invisible stitching, completely finished by hand, creates garments for a refined, international clientele that wants the best of Italian manufacture and design.


The search for beauty is composed of the subtle balance created by the play of proportions, colors and fabrics. The fascinating technique of DoubleFace is a classic, a model of reference and perfection. The garments stand out in the cleaning of the seams, follow the trends but with a unique stylistic code, sober and durable over time. A style, an identity that represents the excellence of Made in Italy, Made in Kamanta.


The environment that surrounds us is a source of continuous inspiration. Made in Italy has always represented an icon of beauty. We work with passion, tied to a tailoring experience that draws from our past in a country, the heart of a unique production tradition in the world. We work in a manufacturing circuit that is faithful to quality standards, according to the ethics of respect for the environment and people.